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An evidence-based community nutrition and well-being program that empowers people to make healthy food, nutrition and lifestyle choices. This program is made possible by a grant from the American Heart Association.

Welcome to the Children's Book Database for early learning and care providers. The EABCC team has reviewed booklists, databases, and children's literature reviews to identify books that you can use to address the social/emotional needs of children in your care and that reflect the unique experiences of military connected children. Each book entry includes a summary, suggested uses and a discussion forum where you can share your ideas, activities, and passion for children's literature. If you have questions contact Jane Lanigan, Washington State University Vancouver at

Rockin' Around the Infant Classroom is a self-study component of a larger course for infant teachers in Georgia. Participants will learn new ideas for providing developmentally appropriate care and learning experiences for infants in group child care settings. For more information about this course, contact Dr. Diane Bales at The University of Georgia (

The ongoing mobilization of National Guard and Reserve forces makes it likely that even child care providers who do not work near a military installation either are currently caring for a military connected child or will care for one in the future. This Military Cultural Competence for Child Care Providers series is designed to help center and family home child care professionals provide culturally competent, responsive care for military families and their children. MFLN 

For more information or to enroll contact Diane W. Bales at

The audience for this course is early care and education teachers who want to learn more about promoting children's healthy eating and physical activity in early childhood education. The Healthy Caregivers Healthy Children curriculum was developed and pilot tested in Miami, FL through a USDA-funded AFRI project.

By taking this course, students will learn about healthy policies for early care and education (ECE) programs related to physical activity, beverages, snacks, and screen time.

For more information about this online course, please contact Diane Bales, University of Georgia, or Jane Lanigan, Washington State University, For more information about the Healthy Caregivers Healthy Children project, please contact PI Ruby Natale, University of Miami,

The audience for this course is ECE teachers/child care professionals who want to learn more about keeping the early care and education environment safe and healthy. 

The Healthy Environments for Early Care and Education modules were developed by the University of Georgia Extension with funding from the Healthy Homes Partnership (which is a collaboration between USDA-NIFA and U. S. Housing and Urban Development). 

By taking this course, ECE teachers will learn about specific ways to keep the early care and education environment healthy and safe by reducing exposure to contaminants and ensuring that the physical environment is safe. For more information or to enroll contact Diane Bales, University of Georgia, dbales@uga.eduor Pamela Turner, University of Georgia,

This course will be offered in the Spring of 2021 to registered participants.  Please reach out to Josh Fuder for access to this course.