Organizational Principles


University of Georgia Cooperative Extension values:

  • the work ethic;
  • honesty;
  • the land grant concept;
  • its rich heritages as an agency for change and problem-solving;
  • the extension of knowledge to people; and
  • excellence in programming with continuous improvement through technology, communication and training.


University of Georgia Cooperative Extension believes in:

  • the hopes and aspirations of people;
  • the value of local programming;
  • the ideal that through education people can be empowered to enlarge and enrich their own lives;
  • the land grant concept and in the public institutions of which it is a part, and in the mutual benefits that come from working together;
  • the county delivery system;
  • the importance of agriculture;
  • its people. In humility, but with sincerity of purpose, Cooperative Extension staff offers to work with Georgians to help them become healthier, more productive, financially independent and environmentally responsible;
  • its work and the opportunity to be of service to society and to the economic success of the state and the country;
  • the concept that, families and communities depend on each other;
  • the concept that families are crucial to the success of society;
  • youth and their longings for opportunity; and their right to trained minds, healthy bodies and the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential; and
  • the value of cultural diversity in the workforce and among the clientele it serves.


University of Georgia Cooperative Extension is committed to excellence in:

  • providing technical support to agriculture and consumers;
  • taking the lead to help Georgians become, healthier, more productive, financially independent and environmentally responsible;
  • educating Georgians with timely, accurate, comprehensive information;
  • building coalitions to address issues facing communities, families and youth; and
  • earning a reputation for integrity and respecting all people.


University of Georgia Cooperative Extension responds to the people’s needs and interests in agriculture, the environment, families and 4-H/youth in Georgia with unbiased, research-based education.


University of Georgia Cooperative Extension:

  • is a valued component of the land grant system and of The University of Georgia Public Service Program;
  • is a people organization that demonstrates care for every client and values every employee;
  • hires top quality employees, offers continual training, provides the necessary operating and managerial support, and rewards good work;
  • adheres to a strong code of ethics and conduct, respecting the trust the people of Georgia place in its employees; and
  • operates with a vision of Georgia's future and Extension’s place in it under the guidance of action-oriented managers.

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