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  • Welcome to UGA Extension!

    We are glad to have you as a member of University of Georgia Extension!

    As you begin your career, you will encounter many situations which will require your input and expertise. Some you will be able to handle easily, while others will certainly provide a real challenge! During the next year you will participate in the Foundations Program for new county faculty. The program is designed to better prepare you as you begin your career.

    The components of the program are explained on the following pages. Please take time to read through the pages and become familiar with the process. University of Georgia Extension is committed to providing you the support and guidance you need to succeed.

    Now you will hear from our leadership. They would like to add their welcome!

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    Office of Learning and Organizational Development
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    • Getting Started

      In order to receive credit for participation in this training, you must complete all of the lessons and activities in this course within your first month of employment. (A minimum score of 80% is required on each quiz/worksheet). You can retake any quiz if needed.)

      While we tried to create these resources as open as possible it is a requirement to get an account before you can take the quizzes or receive certificates.  When you hit your first quiz it will direct you to get an account.  You then land on a page where you can request an account.

      Once you enter your info you will need to check your email inbox and most likely junk folder for the email to respond.  Once you approve your account you can return here and look for this box on the left side bar.

      Voila!  You are now a full user.  Sorry for the extra steps. 


      • Extension Mission, Values, and History

        Extension professionals are continually looking for new and innovative ways to serve the citizens of Georgia, yet direction can also be found by remembering where we have been. Understanding your new role in extension also means understanding the history of this organization, and the values that form the basis of extension's mission.

        In this lesson you will explore Extension's organizational principles and the rich history of Extension in Georgia.

        Once you open a section a navigation column will open on the left side bar to provide you a way to move around in this course.

      • Extension's Organizational Structure

        Extension's organizational structure can be confusing, particularly to new agents. In this lesson you will learn about the organizational structure of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, its support units, and Cooperative Extension. 

      • Benefits

        If you are in a position funded only by your county, you are not required to complete this section.

        Benefit information can be overwhelming and difficult to understand, especially as you try to make important decisions in your first month of employment. This lesson is designed to provide additional information and clarification you may need after completing the UGA on-line orientation. 

        To complete this section please open the Resource Link below (it will open as a second window) to help answer the questions in this section's worksheet.

      • Policies and Reporting

        Policies and Reporting

        The areas that will be covered in this lesson include Policies and Reporting Procedures. While many county offices have their own policies, procedures, and reporting forms, there are some policies and forms that are used statewide. The Extension County Operations page contains information on several types of reports, including Administrative, Performance Review and Program Reports. 

        To complete this section please open the Resource Link below (it will open as a second window) to help answer the questions in this section's worksheet.